Your Guide to Oway Curly Hair Products

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oway next day cream blue tit

Next Day Cream – Blue Tit

A lightweight cream that can be used on wet or dry hair to add a beachy wavy tousled texture for a lived-in style. Also helps enhance definition on curly hair. This cream creates a nest day hair look. Beachy hair protocol: Add a little to wet hair, tousled dry or air dry. Add a little more to define wavy texture. Finish with Sea Salt Spray. Curly hair protocol: Apply to wet hair. Layer on top with with Flux Potion or Curly Potion.
oway curly hair products

Curly Care and Styling Kit

Everything you need to support your curls. Includes Oway Curly Hair Bath shampoo, Oway Curly Hair Mask Conditioner, and two sizes of Oway Curly Hair Potion.
oway silk n glow hair bath

Silk’n Glow Hair Bath Shampoo

Restorative shampoo for dry frizzy hair. Works very well for humid areas when trying to control frizz. Great for curly hair whether wearing it in curls or for a smooth blowout. Works very well on thick course hair.
oway silk n glow hair mask

Silk’n Glow Hair Mask Conditioner

Excellent conditioning treatment for frizzy unruly hair. Works wonders on untamed curls. Adds softness, shine, and seals the cuticles. So good for thick course hair that is worn in curls or blown out smooth.
oway silk n glow serum

Silk’n Glow Serum

Ultra restorative serum for Frizzy hair. Instant shine as it seals the hair cuticle helping to control frizz. Wonderful elixir for a smooth blowout.
oway no rinse moist conditioner

No-Rinse Moist Conditioner

A leave-in moisturizing conditioner spray to help detangle and hydrate the hair leaving it with extra shine. For those who want volume and feel weighed down with conventional conditioners/masks, this can take the place.
oway flux potion

Flux Potion

A medium hold super spreadable and pliable gel that gives incredible shine and volume. When applied at the root for fine hair can create the look of denser thicker hair. Is great used as a base product to building volume with a blow-dry. Use to define all curl types to create beautiful coils without the crunch. Can be mixed with Oway Glossy Nectar to give a gorgeous lightweight defined head of touchable curls that look amazing. Fullness. Moisture. Shine.
oway curly potion

Curly Hair Potion

Creates soft frizz-free curls that last. Hydrates and defines while giving bouncy curl patterns. A soft easily spreadable light gel that supports shine and all curl types. (Combines great with Glossy Nectar)
oway smoothing cream

Smoothing Cream

GLUTEN-FREE - Amazing smoothing cream with incredible natural fragrance that help manage frizz and promote silky hair. Works extremely well when mixed with Glossy Nectar for an outstanding blow-dry. Can also be used as a leave-in styler for curly hair to define and control frizz. Wavy hair tresses can use it as a leave in for a beachy soft texture. Fabulous on all hair textures. For thick course hair, cocktail with Glossy Nectar or Silk'n Glow serum elixirs. For fine hair, use alone through the mid-shaft of the hair to the ends and not in the root.
oway sculpting mist

Sculpting Mist

GLUTEN-FREE - A strong hold sculpting spray that won't weight the hair down or create flakiness. Moisturizes the hair but does not leave it wet. Use as a flexible hold hairspray on all hair types. Great for finishing and locking in curly and wavy hair product protocols. Tip: Hold 6-8 inches away from hair when spraying to maximize coverage and allow it to spread evenly.
oway glossy nectar

Glossy Nectar

GLUTEN-FREE - The most popular Oway serum and the number one product all hair types can benefit from. Helps the hair blow dry faster, gives incredible shine, and can be mixed with other Oway Hair Products to create different textures or dilute strength. Protects against UV damage. Can be used wet or dry, or both. (For a beautiful smooth blowout, use mixed with Oway Smoothing Cream) (For amazing defined curls, mix with either the Oway Curly Potion or the Oway Flux Potion) (For fine hair that needs volume at the root but the ends taming, use a small drop before your blowdry throughout the ends)
oway frozen glaze

Frozen Glaze

GLUTEN-FREE - A ultra defining strong-hold clear gel/pomade for sculpted looks with a super high shine factor. Amazing for all types of curly hair. Controls frizz, long lasting hold, and no flakes. Great on short textured hair looks. Can be diluted with water for extra spreadability.

Shaping Putty

GLUTEN FREE - A firm-hold fibrous styling putty made for elongating and defining with the hold of a gel. Strengthens and protects hair. Great for super curly hair that needs structure.

Water Resin

GLUTEN FREE - A medium hold pomade with a water base. Gives a hydrated satin finish. Can be used to soften curls. Contains: Ethical Bacuri Butter to nourish the hair. Zeolite to detoxify and re-mineralize. Resurrection Plant which provides powerful anti-aging benefits to the hair.

Bungee Fiber

GLUTEN FREE - A fibrous styling paste perfect for creating soft, tousled looks on wavy or curly hair. With nourishing emollients, antioxidants, and minerals to maintain the integrity of your hair. Also great for short textured looks.

Boho Pomade

GLUTEN FREE - A medium-hold paste that creates a touchable separation and definition. Great for wavy hair to help soften frizz. Excellent for short hair.

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The best way to style curly hair is to either layer products to get the look that you want or cocktail (mix) different products to get the right consistency and viscosity to create the look that you want to achieve. The most popular two products to mix together for unbelievable amazing curls are the Curly Potion cocktailed with the Glossy Nectar.

oway curly hair products

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