Oway Smoothing Cream Review 2024: Is it really good for frizzy hair?

Oway Smoothing Cream Review 2024: Is it really good for frizzy hair?

Oway Smoothing Cream Review: Does it live up to the hype?

When I first started using Oway in my salon, I couldn’t wait to figure out which products were the best and would become my “go to must haves”. It didn’t take me very long to figure out what my heavy hitters were.

Enter Oway Smoothing Cream.

Before I get into the nitty gritty about all of the features of this wonderful God-send product, let me first explain the need that it filled. My clientele has always been a huge mix of hair textures and many different densities. Many hairdressers end up attracting clients with hair like their own, which is great because nobody understands what someone else is going through unless they live it themselves.

This wasn’t the case for me. I happen to have a lot of friends with long, thick, curly hair that they wanted blow-dried smooth to perfection. The kind of hair that gets frizzy at any sign of moisture in the air. The kind of hair that you only want to wash once a week if not longer in between to avoid the huge task of blow-drying it yourself because you end up sweaty after your shower and your arms are burning.

Hence the reason that they started coming to me to do the dirty work.

I can honestly say that my blow-dry muscles are to be reckoned with. Any hairdresser that had the massive journey to find the perfect blow-dryer knows what I am talking about. The intrinsic muscles behind the scapula and all throughout your traps, even the ones right under the front collarbone, the muscles that people who don’t blow-dry for a living would never notice.

I had to make my job easier

When your blow-dry muscles are taxed, but you still need to finish two more clients with massive amounts of hair in your day, you have no choice but to find what works, and find it fast.

One day, my friend who has very thick, course, frizzy hair came in with her bag full of products that she always had. She bought every products known to mankind to try out on her hair, always searching for the best anti-frizz miracle. That day I told her,

“Let me try something new on you.”

I fully knew that this could backfire and that I might possible have to re-wash her and start all over. But I went with my gut and the best thing ever happened.

Now before I get into what I found, just know that I had to include it in this Oway smoothing cream review, to be very transparent to the way that it works the best for me and many others.

The magical duo

I took out my Oway Smoothing Cream and put some in my hand. I continued to follow my intuition and I added a little Oway Glossy Nectar to cocktail it with. I emulsified it between my hands and then applied it to her towel dried hair and started the 45 minute process of blow-drying her hair smooth.


It was amazing! Her hair was shiny. It was smooth. I smelled divine! The frizz was under control and yet it wasn’t greasy. It was by far the best blow dry we had done to date.

So I tested it on others.


It was awesome! It was like having a hair superpower. I could help people and help myself at the same time. The Glossy Nectar helped to cut down the drying time, and helped the smoothing cream spread effortlessly throughout the hair. As the round brush glided through each section, and armed with my trusty blow-dryer, I was whipping out these blow-dries in no time AND they looked amazing!

They also LASTED.

My girls didn’t have to wash their hair sooner from any greasy feels.

So them I tested it for other scenarios. I started using the Oway Smoothing Cream alone. On fine haired girls like me, it worked great with the tiniest little dab ran through their ends before blow-drying.

It also worked great on CURLY hair, BEACHY waves, and those who wanted to put a product in their hair and let it air dry. Some people just wanted to purchase it because it smells so so good, like amazingly good. You feel like you are at a spa, every day.

For curly hair I used it layered with other products on top. Typically this would be a cocktail of Glossy Nectar mixed with Curly Potion.

For beachy waves I many times I used the volumizing root spray in the roots, and a tiny bit of smoothing cream through the ends before blow-drying when someone had tangly hair and needed some organization before the disheveled look was put into place. I added the texture after blow-drying with things like the Sea Salt Spray, or the Sculpting Mist.

The Smoothing Cream is also great on little girls who get tangles in their hair and just need a simple leave-in cream to help brush it out and leave in to air dry.

There isn’t many scenarios where the Oway Smoothing Cream doesn’t some in handy. It is one of my Top Ten Most Used Oway Hair Products, and it might just be the thing the your hair needs.

Key Ingredient Breakdown

Biodynamic Caraway Seed Extract is an ancient spice full of antioxidants and known for it detoxification support. It helps add shine to your hair.
Organic Damask Rose is one of the oldest rose varieties, known for it’s breathtaking fragrance. It is full of antioxidants and helps the hair stay hydrated.
Pracaxi Oil comes from the Pracaxi tree in the Amazon, helps to un-tangle the hair keeping it smooth and silky feeling.

Things Oway Smoothing Cream Doesn’t Have

  • Parabens
  • SLS / SLES
  • GMOs
  • Petroleum
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • PEGs, PPGs & BGs
  • Artificial Colorants

Many of these questionable ingredients are known as endocrine disruptors (aka messing with hormone balance). No thank you!

Sustainable Packaging is Good for the Planet

Our planet needs all the help it can get. The aluminum packaging can be recycled indefinitely. Good for the earth. Good for you, and it works!

Thank you for reading my Oway Smoothing Cream Review.

xoxo- your online stylist

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