Oway Next Day Cream Review 2024: How this luxury hair cream could change your life

Oway Next Day Cream Review 2024: How this luxury hair cream could change your life

Ok, we think we’ve found a gem of a hair cream to share with you, or should we say a gemstone extract of a cream. Could this be the luxury hair cream that you have been looking for?

Hold tight while we dive into the Oway Next Day Cream.

What is it:

This luminous texturizing cream is used to create “lived in” tousled looks on all types of hair.  It helps to enhance natural wave patterns.


It smells heavenly:

First off, this is one if the most luxuriously divine smelling hair creams we have ever come across,  (one of our other favorites is the smoothing cream). 

It whisks you away:

The minute you pump the silkiness into your hands, you are taken over by the feeling of being in a luxury spa overlooking a majestic view of the Amazon rainforest and hearing the tropical birds singing while you escape in your bliss. Self-care is all that matters in this moment. 
You see the luminous glow within the cream start to catch your eye. You can’t help but wonder what is in this cream that makes it so special and why it whisked you away.

What’s inside:

Moonstone Extract– Brings a luminous shimmer and reflects the beauty of the moon. Helps to smooth the surface of your hair. It also has healing properties like restoring balance to your emotions and helping your hormones to come into alignment. Here are some other properties of the Moonstone gem.

Castor Seed Oil– Used in many cultures to help encourage hair growth, this oil conditions and hydrates your hair. 

Biodynamic Iris Flower Extract– Full of anti-aging isoflavones and regenerating rhizomes, this helps protect the breakdown of protein in your hair. It also hydrates. 

Ethical Purple Rice Extract– It’s antioxidants help protect the integrity of your hair.  It also contains protein which helps to fortify the hair.

Organic Blackthorn Extract– Helps to promote elasticity in your hair

How to use it:

Besides all of the treasures found inside the Oway Next Day Cream, it can be used in your hair in a number of ways. 
Many people have the best hair day, the day after they wash. Next Day Cream can give you that look on your first day of washing, or can be used the day after to refresh your tousled waves.

You can also:

Layer: Use it on top or underneath another product like the Glossy Nectar.

Cocktail: Mix it with another product. A popular mix for curls is the Curly Hair Potion mixed with the Oway Next Day Cream. (save $5 by copying our salon referral code HHT1034 to use at checkout)

Or simply use it alone: A great way to do this is to let your naturally wavy hair air dry and then use the Oway Next Day Cream on dry hair. Distribute it throughout your mid-shaft to ends and finish off with the Sea Salt Spray to create amazing beachy surfer waves.

How to get it:

You can get the Next Day Cream HERE and use our salon referral code HHT1034 to save $5 at checkout


The bottom line on the Oway Next Day Cream:

We love using this cream. Whenever we apply it on our hair, our mornings are full of spa moments, and we end up having a great hair day.  It feels so good. It smells amazing. Oway outdid themselves on this one.

Now that you know some ways to use this cream, how will you use it on your hair?  Will you mix it or layer it?  Will you use it on its own?

Make every day a spa day,

Clean Hair Guru

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