Is Oway Glossy Nectar the Number 1 Best All-Around Serum?

Is Oway Glossy Nectar the Number 1 Best All-Around Serum?

Updated for 2021:

When I look for a quality hair serum, there are many factors I consider, like anti-frizz, heat protectant, spreadability, and high quality being at the forefront. Oway Glossy Nectar checks all of the boxes for me and is a must-have tool for your hair arsenal.

How Oway Glossy Nectar Works

Everyone that I use Oway Glossy Nectar on loves the smell and is passionate about the shine. My clients get so many compliments on their hair. If I use it on them and they don’t purchase it right away, they call back and ask me what I used and where to get it.

It never fails.

It seems to leave my clients’ hair super shiny, but it also has heat protective qualities against both hot styling tools and UV light. Using hot tools without using heat protection is like taking a hot pan out of the oven without an oven mit!

This serum gently glides through your hair and penetrates the cuticle just enough to rebuild and strengthen even the most compromised hair. I use it as a mild detangler because it has a lightweight feel and can be used on hair from fine to course and everything in-between. I really haven’t found anyone that it doesn’t work well on.

Even my fine-haired gals, but they need to use very little to get the results we are looking for.

Oway glossy nectar will also reduce your blow-drying time, which is a major bonus to those of us who want to maximize our time getting ready every day. Who has time to waste these days?

This amazing elixer is known as a “rebuilding oil”, since it actually nourishes your hair with ingredients like:

Key Ingredient Breakdown

  • Organic Black Quinoa – Protects and Nourishes the hair structure with top quality plant-based protein
  • Amla Berry – Gives the ultra shine factor and a boost of vitamin C to the hair
  • Ethically Produced Marula – Restores and protects with ultra hydration
  • Biodynamic Marrubium – Helps to reinforce the hair structure to magnify the hair’s natural defenses to UV radiation

How To Use Oway Glossy Nectar

I use Oway Glossy Nectar on both damp and dry hair. When I use it on damp hair, I like to apply it throughout the mid-shaft to ends either alone, layered, or cocktailed with another product, to begin styling. When I use it on dry hair, I like to take a small amount and rub it between the palms of my hands to emulsify it first and then spread it softly throughout your hair for a final shiny finish and to tame any leftover fly-aways.

I love to use it in cocktailing which is when two or more products are combined and mixed together to create a certain outcome with hair. When I use it as part of a cocktail with other Oway Hair Products, I find that it can soften the strength of the glazes and potions, help pomades and muds spread easier through the hair, and it enhances the effects of creams and resins when smoothing out hair.

The Ultimate Blow-Dry Cocktail for Smoothing Out Frizzy Hair

My all time favorite blow-drying cocktail for smoothing hair out that gives by far the smoothest finish every time is when I mix half Oway Glossy Nectar with half Oway Smoothing Cream. This mixture smells incredible and makes you feel like you are at a spa.

I take both of these products and mix them really well in the palms of my hands. Then I section the hair starting underneath and spread throughout the mid-shaft to ends of your hair. I work my way throughout all of the hair, making sure to avoid the scalp so that the hair doesn’t get weighed down. I let my round brush distribute the mixture throughout the rest of your hair while I dry and style.

Things Oway Glossy Nectar Doesn’t Have

Oway Glossy Nectar does not contain harsh ingredients like:

  • Parabens (synthetic chemicals)
  • GMOs (genetically modified Organisms)
  • Petroleum
  • SLS/SLES (sulfates)
  • PEGs, PPGs & BGs (synthetic petrochemicals)
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Artificial Colorants

Many of these ingredients are linked to being endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. I stay away from questionable ingredients as much as possible but I still want my products to work.

Check out my serum comparison chart.

Oway Glossy Nectar is Good For The Planet

I choose to use professional products that are Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Sustainable and Oway Glossy Nectar fits the bill. When looking at packaging, I always try to avoid plastics because of the health ramifications and the environmental factors. I love that the amber glass protects the quality plant oils from going rancid. The glass is also recyclable.

My Biggest Seller for a Reason

Oway glossy nectar is my most popular seller in the salon and online for many reasons. I use it as a styling staple for the versatility and the looks that I can create with it. I believe that it is a must-have for anyone who wants to make their life easier.

xoxo – Your online stylist

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